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Result TypeMember List7/23/2014 3:51:29 PM

Member List This is a list current paid members as of August 5th, 2013. Life Members Name: Jurisdiction: E-mail: Member Since: Norman Neely Rock Island County   Retired 1982 Bill Newberry City of Rock Island   Retired E-mail Bill   Kent Anderson City of Geneseo   Retired ...

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Result TypeDirectory6/23/2017 8:39:14 AM

Directory: Department Heads Elected Officials County Board Department Heads Animal Care & Control Samantha DeYoung, Operations Coordinator Phone: 309-558-3865 E-mail Ms. DeYoung Assessment Department Larry Wilson, Supervisor Phone: 309-558-3650 E-mail Mr. Wilson Board of Review Joan Russell, Cha...

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Result TypePre-Election-Day-voting11/6/2018 7:21:48 AM

Posting Requested Issued Returned Type Method Precinct LastName FirstName MiddleName Suffix 1 8/ 30/ 2018 9/ 21/ 2018 10/ 13/ 2018 Civilian E-mail 60011 RAMOS MICHAEL EDWARD 2 8/ 30/ 2018 9/ 21/ 2018 10/ 27/ 2018 Civilian Federal E-mail 80009 JOHNSON-ZANDER ANNE PAULETTE 3 8/ 30/ 2018 9/ 21/ 2018 Military E-mail 80...

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Result Typevotebymail Brochure9/5/2018 2:43:00 PM

VOTING BY MAIL IN ILLINOIS 10 ILCS 5/19 WHO MAY VOTE BY MAIL? -Any qualified elector of the State of Illinois who is properly registered to vote may apply for a vote by mail ballot. -Any registered or non-registered member of the United States Armed Forces while on active duty, members of the Mercha...

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Result TypeDirectory - Circuit Clerk5/20/2022 9:10:35 AM

Circuit Clerk's Office Directory To reach our office by phone, please dial (309) 558-3538 or the other numbers listed for that specific department. Office Phone - Accounting & Child Support Division - E-mail Rock Island County Courthouse 1317 3 rd Ave, Suite 101 Rock Island IL 61201 Administrati...

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Result TypeHome Page - Elections7/1/2022 8:04:33 AM


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Result TypeVote-by-Mail8/1/2022 9:45:27 AM

Vote-by-Mail ...

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Result TypePaying your Real Estate Taxes by Mail - Treasurer5/10/2022 9:47:34 AM

Treasurer's Office Paying your Real Estate Tax Payments By Mail Payments by Mail: Taxes paid by mail should be accompanied by the applicable stub or stubs that agree with your payment. (Keep the larger portion of the statement for your records) Mail your check or money order, made payable to the Cou...

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Result TypeVote-by-Mail-Application-1-per-sheet9/6/2018 8:27:50 AM

VOTE BY MAIL APPLICATION 7. (Date) (Signature of Applicant) I certify that I reside at the address specified, in the stated precinct and county, that I have lived at such address for 30 days or more preceding this election, that I am lawfully entitled to vote in such precinct at said election to be ...

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Result TypeVote by Mail ballot authorization form 1 per page9/6/2018 8:22:55 AM

10 ILCS 5/19-6 Suggested Revised July, 1993 SBE No. A-5A VOTE BY MAIL BALLOT AUTHORIZATION FORM I, _ (Vote by Mail Voter) authorize _ to take my ballot to the office of the Election Authority. Signature of Voter Signature of Authorized Individual Address Relationship (if any) Phone Number Phone Number Date...

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Rock Island County Office Building (map ExternalLink.gif)
1504 Third Avenue, Rock Island IL 61201-8624

Phone: See County Directory      Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM - Monday thru Friday