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Billing Name: PASSNO DUANE R
Township: 06
Parcel: 6459
PIN Number: 0917203015
Tax Code: 10
Property Address: 610 14 AVE
City/State: HAMPTON IL
Zip: 61256
Billing Address: 610 14TH AVE
City/State: HAMPTON IL
Zip: 61256
Acres: 0
Property Class: R
Legal Description: LOT 31

Omit Flag: N
General Homestead Exemption Flag(Owner Occupied): Y
Senior Homestead: Y
Senior Freeze Exemption Flag: Y
Home Improvement Flag: N
Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption: Y
Disabled Veterans Standard Homestead Exemption: N
Returning Veterans Exemption: N
Farm Land Flag: N
Exempt Flag: N
Sold/Forfeited Flag: N
Total Tax Due: $1,069.96
(Note: To determine installment amounts, divide "Total Tax Due" by 4.)
Date 1st Payment Made 05/23/2019
First Tax Amount Paid: $267.49   RECEIVED BY MAIL
Date 2nd Payment Made 05/23/2019
Second Tax Amount Paid: $267.49   RECEIVED BY MAIL
Date 3rd Payment Made 05/23/2019
Third Tax Amount Paid: $267.49   RECEIVED BY MAIL
Date 4th Payment Made 11/05/2019
Fourth Tax Amount Paid: $267.49   RECEIVED BY MAIL
Assessment Year: 2018

Please contact the Hampton Township Assessors Office at (309) 755-8141 for additional information about this or other property located in Hampton Township.

Tax stubs must be presented with payment. Homeowners will be charged $2.00 for a duplicate bill. Mortgage Companies, Tax Services, Management Companies and Title Companies will be charged $5.00 memo bill fee per parcel/payment.