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Virtual Courtroom Information


Below is a listing of the courtrooms for remote access. Find the appropriate courtroom for your hearing and click on the link. Your courtroom should have been indicated on the handout you received from the officer, at the Justice Center or in the mail. If you are still unsure, please contact the Circuit Clerk's Office at 309-558-3538.

Keep in mind, there will be multiple cases set in Traffic Court at the same time as yours. You will be checked in and your case will be heard in the order you check in. MAKE SURE YOUR ID HAS YOUR COMPLETE NAME LISTED. If you appear with an ID listed as iphone or something other than your name, you will be sent to the bottom of the list.

You may sign up for text notifications and electronic copies of documentation from the Court, if we have your cell number and email address. Submit this information by emailing [email protected]

Courtroom 301 - Traffic & Misdemeanor Division Cases

        Non-Rock Island tickets - Mon-Wed until noon (Last name L-Z)

        East Moline tickets - Wednesday afternoon

        Rock Island tickets - Thursday Pre-trials & Rock Island OV cases 

        Cases set for Rule to Show Cause & Payment issues – Friday morning only

        Cases set for Petition to Revoke – Friday afternoon only


               Meeting ID: 992 7542 3652

Courtroom 302 – Traffic & Misdemeanor Division Cases

        Non-Rock Island tickets - Mon-Wed until noon (Last name A-K)

        Rock Island tickets - Thursday arraignments &

        Moline OV's - Thursday morning 


                Meeting ID: 942 3930 8255

Payment Hearing Officer


                Meeting ID: 854 4454 0749

 Judge Thompson – Probate Case Management

         Note: Make sure your name is visible and your hearing will be expedited. If you have filed your
              Annual Report in advance, you do not need to attend. The new due date will be sent to you.


                or Dial 312-626-6799 

                Meeting ID: 970 5862 2059 


Follow the steps listed below to prepare for a remote appearance. Start this process BEFORE your scheduled hearing time to make sure you are connected when court begins:

  1. If you already have a Zoom account, or the Zoom app on your cell phone, go directly to the link above to join the virtual courtroom. The virtual courtroom information is also listed on the first page of the Remote Appearance Handout you may have received or on a Notice of Remote Hearing sent to you.

  2. If you do not have a Zoom account, you can download the free Zoom app to your cell phone by visiting the App Store and search for Zoom or go to on a computer. Click the SIGN UP, ITS FREE button and follow the instructions to sign up for a few Zoom account.

  3. Once Zoom opens, select the JOIN button on your cell phone, or the JOIN A MEETING link on your computer. Be sure the Zoom screen name being displayed is your legal name so you are recognized by the Court

  4. A message box will appear asking for the Meeting ID. The Meeting ID and Password are listed above and the first page of the Remote Appearance Handout you may have received or on a Notice of Remote Hearing sent to you.

  5. The program should now show your face & you must select JOIN WITH VIDEO. You may also need to select JOIN WITH COMPUTER AUDIO, or if you are using a cell phone select CALL USING INTERNET AUDIO.

  6. Once the Court starts the “meeting” participants will initially be placed in a virtual “waiting room” pending admittance into the virtual “courtroom” by the Court.

  7. Be sure your screen name being displayed in the “waiting room” is your legal name.

  8. Once you are admitted to the “courtroom”, your audio will be muted until the Judge calls your case. When your case is called, your audio will be unmuted by the Court.


  • You should take time prior to the call to become familiar with the Zoom program and test your device’s microphone and speaker controls.

  • Dress appropriately, as if you were coming in person to the Courthouse.

  • Make sure you are in a QUIET location.

  • Make sure your background is court appropriate.

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