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Publication Listing for 2021 Assessment Changes

Each year, Rock Island County Township Assessors review assessed values of properties within their individual townships. Then, in the fall of each year any changes in assessed values are published in the local newspapers. This web page was created to allow the public to view the changes that were published in the newspapers. The assessed values provided on this web page are in "pdf" format.

All values listed include the "Township Equalization Factor." A Township Equalization Factor is a uniform percentage increase or decrease applied to assessed values to bring assessment levels, on average, to a uniform level of market value. The factor is placed on all properties within a township, with the exception of farmland.

The assessment changes are available in "pdf" format as an entire document, or by township. So, if you know the township of the parcel you would like to look up, simply "open" or "download" the pdf and perform a search by PIN number or you may also perform a search by name, using the name of the person or entity that receives the tax bill for the property (you should search the "pdf" document using only part of the name, as it would be difficult to find a match if it isn't exact. If you do use a partial name, be sure to look at each result to verify that you have looked through the entire document.)

If your property does not appear on the publication listing, but you would still like to check your valuation, you may Click here PDF Document to view the entire list of assessments for Rock Island County for 2021.

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