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Assessment Record Detail
Billing Name: CARVER JOHN A
Township: 07
For additional information about this or other properties that are located in South Moline Township you may contact the South Moline Township Assessor at (309) 736-0814.
Parcel: 13105-7
PIN Number: 1711412002
Tax Code: 05
Property Address: 5731 38 AVE
City/State: MOLINE IL
Zip: 61265
Billing Address: PO BOX 581
Zip: 52722
Property Class: R
Legal Description: UNIT 7

Gen'l Homestead Exemption
    (Owner Occupied):
Senior Homestead: N
Senior Freeze Exemption Flag: N
Home Improvement Flag: N
Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption: N
Disabled Veterans Standard Homestead Exemption: N
Returning Veterans Exemption: N
Farm Land Flag: N
Exempt Flag: N
Current Residential Land Valuation: 7080
Current Farm Land Valuation: 0
Current Residential Building Valuation: 56873
Current Farm Building Valuation: 0
Current Total Valuation: 63953
Previous Residential Land Valuation: 6973
Previous Farm Land Valuation: 0
Previous Residential Building Valuation: 57749
Previous Farm Building Valuation: 0
Previous Total Valuation: 64722
Sale - Month/Year: 01/2016
Sale - Amount: $200,000.00
Building Type: 2 Story
Year Built: 1981
Garage Square Feet: 484
Building Square Feet: 2,036
Approx. Lot Square Footage: 26,486

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Current Valuations - as shown, are considered to be a work in progress for the 2019 assessment year, pending finalization by the Board of Review.

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