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We offer an excellent opportunity for interns to heighten their skills and experience the practical applications of our local prosecutor’s office.  While our internships are unpaid, students have a great opportunity to learn working alongside seasoned professionals.  The opportunity for professional growth and networking is excellent.  While the summer is our most popular time for internships, we host interns year round.  Opportunities include the following:

  1. First and second-year law students.
    • Civil Division Intern
    • Criminal Division Intern
    • Juvenile Division Intern
  2. Undergraduate criminal justice, law enforcement or political science seniors.
  3. Paralegals nearing completion of their academic program.

First-year law students are teamed with a variety of attorneys from whom they will learn about the intake process, case review, court procedure, negotiations, and case outcomes.  A number of research assignments will challenge the first-year law intern's analytical and writing skills.

Second-year law students are strongly encouraged to apply for 711 certification pursuant to Rule 711 of the Illinois Supreme Court (for more information on Rule 711, click here ExternalLink.gif) at the time of application for our internship program.  With 711 certification, second-year students build upon the experience listed above and receive additional hands-on experiences such as pre-trial negotiations and the trying of traffic and misdemeanor cases.  This is an opportunity many law students look forward to experiencing.

Undergraduate students are partnered with paralegals and attorneys through the course of their internship experience through whom they will learn about the complexity of the criminal justice system.  These students will observe a full gamut of activities such as case reviews, walk-in appointments, and court hearings.   Undergraduate students may apply to the Sheriff's Department to ride along with a sheriff's deputy for a work shift.

Paralegal students are teamed with paralegals and legal assistants through whom the paralegal will be acclimated to the overall criminal justice system.  Paralegal interns are assigned many research projects ranging widely in topic.

We are currently accepting internship applications.  Students seeking a Spring or Summer internship may email a letter of interest, resume, writing sample, and copy of transcripts to:

Rebecca Bernard, Office Administrator 
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